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Arts and Letters on Windows 7

1st off go over the A&L web site and see if you can get version 8.0 http://www.arts-letters.com/
I do not know why they do not have it listed on thier site but I got an email from them and bought the upgrade from 7.5. They sent a copy and loaded it up on XP with no problems.

BUT! when I loaded it on Win 7 64 bit it would not work :(
I discovered that the C:\Program Files (x86)\Arts & Letters\Express 8.0\deciphps.exe was being called and was locking up, so I just renamed by adding a ' to the end of the filename
As far as I can tell it works fine :) it might have some issues with the vector conversions but at least I can still use it!
My wife thinks I am nuts using an old program like this, but I have been using it since the late 80's and still love it!
LOVE LIVE ARTS AND LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I might put up some message boards for A&L if anyone emails me about it :)

update 4/12/10
Looks like some people cannot find A&L 8.0 upgrade so I am posting this email that A&L sent me back on 1/4/09 with the upgrade info

We are pleased to announce the 32/64-bit version of Arts & Letters EXPRESS for XP and Vista at a cost of only $79.95.
If you are still running XP, the 32-bit version of EXPRESS allows you to take full advantage of your system with improved performance and better management of EXPRESS resources.
And if you move to Vista, you are ready to go.
While we have completely rewritten EXPRESS, we have retained the same interface and functionality, changing only those dialog boxes necessary to conform to Windows standards.
For a quick overview of 8.0 and to order, please visit http://www.arts-letters.com/express80

Tim Eldredge

update 8/14/10
Welp it seems that A&L 8.0 has a big bug with the export feature. The problem is that when you try to export a complex image esp with a warped object and/or a merged one with a cut hole mask it will export garbage.
I have tried it both on Windows 7 & Windows XP Virtual PC (it took forever to install A&L 8.0, you just have to wait a really long time @ each prompt of the install...but it will eventally install!).
It will also export garbage with the print to PDF feature.

I had to install Express 7.5 in Windows XP Virtual PC to run it in windows 7 enviroment, now I can run it, it can export the complex work correctly, BUT it will not see the mapped virtual drives to the host PC, GRRR!
Oh well at least I can get to alot of my origional Logo work
I wil submit this Bug / Error / Issue to A&L and see what happens
Get XP Mode for windows 7