V I D E O     &     3 D   A N I M A T I O N    

To give our client web sites the utmost edge, Trinicom Communications offers Video and 3d animation services. Delivered to the client through either streaming RealVideo , RealAudio, NetShow, or through more conventional means such as AVI and MOV formats. Trinicom Communications can take raw or completed video footage, edit and then compress them for the best performance over the Internet. We have done extensive 3D work for many of our clients. From stills to full 3d animation Trinicom can give you the impact your company needs to compete in the 21st century.
The Below files are in Real Audio Streaming Video format:

Calvin Owens LIVE! RealVideo

The Below files are in AVI format:

Video Examples:
Sailing (2.2 meg)
Calvin Owens LIVE! long (4.7 meg)
Calvin Owens LIVE! short (.6 meg)

3D Animation Examples:
Shape in D major.avi (.46 meg)
Flying Fax Machines (6.1 meg)
Pmadt, Inc. (9 meg)
Pmadt, Inc. old (4 meg)
Screen Saver Demo (4 meg)
Space Adventure! (5.8 meg)
Virtual Real Estate Demo (1.5 meg)