My mom Muriel had an old tape with her Dad Vincent Circosta and his friends and family, it was recorded too fast, so they all sounded like chipmunks. back in 2000 I digitized it and slowed it down and cleaned it up, made a CD and gave it to my mom as a present. I dug up the old files I used to make the CD and put them on-line, I present you "Have a nice glass of wine"

01.To walk again
02.What is your name
03.Have a nice glass of wine
04.French talk
05.I am 79
07.Called shirley today
08.Living room here
09.Suprise Package
10.Twenty five
11.Code number
12.Heard about him
13.Priest joke
14.Brother in law
15.Bed chamber
16.St peter
17.Huckle berry pie
20.Foodfest Canada
21.Talking Much
23.Itailain song one
24.Jaming italian style
25.Uncle Dominic and I
26.Uncle Dominic jams
27.Uncle Dominic jams II
28.Uncle Dominic jams III
29.Good old days
(Uncle Dominic Jams are records Vincent was playing to show how they used to play)

copyright 2022 Keith Christensen
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